Enhanced MicroStrategy Solution Provides Frontline Workers with On-Demand AI Insights

MicroStrategy Incorporated, a pioneer in AI-powered business intelligence, is releasing the latest update of the MicroStrategy ONE platform, enabling enterprises to layer contextual, bite-sized AI insights into any application within a no-code environment.

According to the company, this capability builds on HyperIntelligence, a long-time feature within MicroStrategy ONE that pioneered contextual BI.

This powerful capability in MicroStrategy ONE empowers frontline workers to rapidly access relevant, on-demand data insights within any application and ask questions about that data using natural language to go even deeper. As a result, MicroStrategy ONE can enable data-driven decision-making throughout the entire enterprise. 

MicroStrategy ONE’s HyperIntelligence feature, which is now powered by Auto (MicroStrategy’s generative AI solution), pairs AI and BI capabilities to empower every frontline worker, whether they work in a browser or on a mobile device.

This no-code solution doesn’t require system integration, so it can automatically be overlayed onto any application so users can easily access trusted, relevant information from within their daily workflow, according to the company.  

“HyperIntelligence has long been one of the most innovative capabilities of MicroStrategy’s BI platform, providing all employees with key information via bite-sized AI insights when they need it, where they need it,” said Saurabh Abhyankar, EVP and chief product officer at MicroStrategy. “With Auto now incorporated into HyperIntelligence, employees can easily dig deeper to obtain additional information. The data-driven business is no longer just a dream. At MicroStrategy, we’re making it a reality.”

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