Enhanced Solace Event Portal Provides Unprecedented Visibility, Management, and Control of Apache Kafka Deployments

Solace, a provider of event-driven architecture for real-time enterprises, is releasing a new version of its Solace Event Portal solution, giving organizations with Apache Kafka deployments better visibility into, and control over, their Kafka event streams, brokers, and associated assets.

The latest release of Solace Event Portal for Apache Kafka, generally available now, was specifically designed to offer application development teams a complete set of functionalities to help them better understand, visualize, discover, and re-use their Kafka assets, including: 

  • A native discovery agent that scans a Kafka cluster and its schema registry to produce a visual representation of every topic and its schema(s) across multiple versions, and who its consumers are. At a quick glance, architects and administrators can easily understand the overall application architecture of relationships between producers, consumers, their event interface as well as KPIs, such as the most and least used topics.
  • A rich catalog detailing all topics, event streams, schemas, and pub/sub interfaces for each application, along with owners and points of contact, as well as changes for each of the managed EDA entities, helping expedite development by letting developers easily share, discover, and re-use any existing Kafka asset.
  • An audit capability that enables users to easily identify discrepancies between runtime and design intent so that the information developers see in the Event Portal is always accurate and not a stale Word or Confluence page.
  • The ability to implement best practices in the areas of designing, securing and governing event streams. Users can organize systems into application domains, create, and import payload schema definitions in a variety of formats including AsyncAPI, define event interactions between application and microservices, and create events and associated topic addresses using topic structure proven practices.
  • Complete lifecycle management and version control capabilities that enable application teams to manage their Kafka environments more efficiently from creation to deployment, and evolution over time through to retirement.
  • Easy integration with software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools that make up an organization’s development ecosystem.

According to the company, Solace’s vision is for its Event Portal to be universally applicable to all popular event brokers including Confluent, Amazon MSK, and Redpanda, providing a single place to discover, catalog, design, and govern all the event streams in a distributed enterprise.

“Our mission is to help enterprises reap the benefits of being real-time through the use of event driven applications. This often requires the use of different types of event brokers for good reason, but nobody wants different portals to manage their event streams. With these new capabilities for users of Apache Kafka, we are advancing our vision of a single multi-broker portal that delivers unprecedented visibility into all event-driven architecture components throughout an enterprise,” said Shawn McAllister, CTO and CPO at Solace. “We are excited that the Kafka community is embracing the cutting-edge functionality Solace Event Portal for Apache Kafka brings to the table.”

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