Enhancements to Diffusion Cloud Promise API Management Improvements and Greater Service Visibility

Push Technology, provider of real-time data streaming and messaging solutions for networks, is debuting improvements to Diffusion Cloud, the enterprise’s intelligent event-data platform. Diffusion Cloud distributes real-time data so that developer teams can decrease traffic load on backend systems, increasing performance and mitigating infrastructure requirements. The most notable enhancements include a REST adapter and a boost in data monitoring within the platform.

The new REST adapter supplies development teams with the ability to transform existing APIs into streaming data feeds without the process of re-architecting backend systems, giving accelerated and cost-efficient experiences to customers. The REST adapter is an out-of-the-box solution that extracts data from external REST API endpoints, which is subsequently input into Diffusion. Additionally, users can configure integration with external REST APIs via the Diffusion Cloud Dashboard, or programmatically with Diffusion’s management API.

Monitoring improvements to Diffusion Cloud benefits Ops teams through insights regarding how their Diffusion Cloud services are being utilized, locating anomalous behaviors, and responding to potential issues before they begin to impact end users. This is achieved through live graphing and visualization of critical usage metrics; increasingly granular reporting of usage history for fine-grained trend analysis/diagnostics; and highlighting usage thresholds and high/low summaries for capacity planning.

“Using the cloud version of our Diffusion platform, development teams can take an economical, fast, low-code approach to building next generation real-time, event-driven applications,” said Andréa Skov, chief marketing officer for Push Technology. “We continually evolve our platform’s powerful, intelligent data management capabilities. These enhancements are driven by the digital transformation requirements of the companies we serve across the globe.”

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