Enhancements to ScaleOut Software’s Digital Twin Streaming Service Yield Predictive Insights

ScaleOut Software, the in-memory computing and streaming analytics software provider, is launching new capabilities for its ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service, a cloud and on-premises digital twins solution for live streaming analytics and simulation. These improvements allow users to simulate the behavior of real-world data sources prior to deployment, ultimately encouraging the evaluation of design choices and more informed decision-making.

ScaleOut Software’s new simulation capabilities leverages digital twins and fast, in-memory computing to empower the development of real-time analytics applications, allowing users to generate and analyze telemetry with high throughput and availability, according to the vendor. The updates also support offline analytics of live scenarios, where the streaming service records telemetry from live devices to be replayed in a simulation.

“We are excited to extend the capabilities of our streaming service to harness digital twins for both simulation and real-time analytics,” said Dr. William Bain, CEO and founder of ScaleOut Software. “By hosting digital twins using our highly scalable, in-memory computing technology, we enable our customers to simulate large systems with complex interactions and gain insights not previously possible.”

Once telemetry is analyzed from real-world data sources, users can then model those data sources with the power of digital twins—or, if needed, a single digital twin instance to simulate a data source’s behavior and analyze its telemetry. These capabilities aid in reducing the labor of creating workload generators for real-time analytics evaluation.

The digital twins can additionally describe various physical entities with an object-oriented representation of each device or data source, built for both power and ease-of-use. With the ScaleOut Digital Twin Builder Toolkit, developers can construct digital twin models in Java and C#.

According to the company, the latest capabilities released by ScaleOut Software for its streaming and simulation service enable operational managers to make faster, more informed decisions with simulations that predict future events based on configurable scenarios.

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