Enhancing Business Insights is at the Core of the New SAP Vora Update

SAP is making a round of enhancements to the SAP Vora platform to help customers accelerate project implementations and offer speed, ease, and affordability to their enterprise business analytics.

“Our goal continues to be delivering that insight from big data to the customer,” said said Ken Tsai, vice president, head of cloud platform & data management at SAP. “We have been on a mission to simplify big data for enterprise consumption.”

New Built-in Capabilities include a time series distributed in-memory engine that allows time series data to be efficiently stored and analyzed in distributed environments; a graph distributed in-memory engine that supports graph processing and helps execute commonly used graph operations such as pattern matching, shortest path, and connected component using SQL; a distributed in-memory JSON document store supports rich query processing over schema-less JSON data using SQL; and enterprise class features including Kerberos support, distributed transaction log for metadata persistence, and out-of-the-box currency conversion.

Other features include accelerators that offer a content kit with sample solution components that are tailored for specific industry use cases yet customizable and extendable and the flexibility to scale as needed without managing the infrastructure.

In addition, SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services (formerly known as Altiscale) expanded its fully managed Hadoop/Spark platform services to Europe and plans to launch SAP Vora on SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services in both the United States and Europe.

“Vora, in less than one year, has already gotten us over 60 customers adopting our solutions,” Tsai said. “We are very, very happy about that.”

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