Ensono Offers New Multi-Platform Optimization Solution

Ensono, an expert technology advisor, innovation partner, and managed service provider, is releasing Ensono Envision Advisor, a multi-platform optimization solution combining data and guidance from certified expert engineers who offer unbiased actionable advice that enables optimization of a client’s IT estate across cost, security, performance, availability, and reliability.

Envision Advisor enables collaboration that gives clients a shared view into the actions and advice delivered by Ensono. Ensono engineers identify opportunities for optimization by analyzing and adding context to data gathered from multiple sources.

With this enriched data, the platform offers advice on how clients can optimize their environments for peak performance.

Clients are then able to make informed decisions and act on changes that help drive business outcomes for their organization.

With this increased level of transparency, clients can view performance gaps and how they’re being addressed, as well as see the processes used to optimize their infrastructure, according to the vendor.

The dynamic recommendations, along with guidance from Ensono engineers, deliver optimization opportunities across all environments inclusive of mainframe, public cloud, IBMi, private cloud, and distributed environments.

“The enterprise faces a lot of complexity in today’s world of hybrid and multi-platform applications,” said Duan Van Der Westhuizen, senior vice president of cloud at Ensono. “Envision Advisor combines best-practice cloud data sources, unbiased guidance, insights from certified expert engineers, and best-in-class service delivery to synthesize impactful advice for our clients to help manage that complexity. We are enhancing the client experience by providing them with tailored, relevant, and actionable insights for their optimization journey.”

Ensono integrates change management through ITSM processes and automation to agree on and track actions, thereby improving risk management in mission-critical environments.

Through benchmarking capabilities, clients can also see if their infrastructure performance is keeping pace with industry best practice. Envision Advisor offers a performance scorecard which compares the client’s level of optimization with others in the industry, according to the company.

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