Enteros Announces Load2Test ZeroDev Product Offering

Enteros, Inc., a provider of performance management software, is extending the support of its Load2Test ZeroDev offering to a host of platforms including Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, Oracle EBUS Oracle Forms and HTTP/XML.

The ZeroDev offering analyzes production database and application network traffic and easily converts this information into load tests, load testing scenarios and resources. From the end user perspective, ZeroDev provides transparent operations for recreating production activity for load testing prior to production deployment.

ZeroDev allows the user to generate load testing scenarios for performance, scalability and stress load testing. It offers validation for impact of hardware platform migration or consolidations as well as impact of application of software patches and upgrades. All this is based on replaying of business requests captured in the production environment. Data collection is achieved in a non-intrusive way from the network switch or interface. It requires no changes on production servers or any additional instrumentation and no specific agent is necessary.

"ZeroDev supports heterogeneous databases and can load test an entire infrastructure," Ron Warshawsky, CTO of Enteros, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "It replicates production patterns and allows administrators to do what if testing, thereby exposing all weaknesses and providing an opportunity to correct them before the database goes into production. ZeroDev provides insight into how databases will operate in real production environments under full stress levels and also tests the related application traffic into the database."

The commonly accepted legacy approach for load testing incorporates use of synthetic set of load tests. This assumes to represent some average production-like customer activity. However, there are inherent flaws with this methodology since only some hypothetical average set of customer transactions are used and the distribution similar of real customer activity is not achieved. Use of ZeroDev improves the load testing process through increased authenticity of generated load. Making load testing simpler and less time consuming; resulting in the entire load test process becoming more manageable and reliable and a part of the day to day IT and QA tasks.

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