Enterprise Must-Haves for a Modern Data Warehouse

As the tech world continues to change, so too is the evolution of data warehousing. Enterprises today need flexibility, agility and scalability.

The goal of modern data warehousing is to not only deliver insights faster to more users, but provide a richer picture of your operations afforded by a greater volume and variety of data for analysis.

DBTA recently held a roundtable webinar with Kevin Petrie, senior director and technology evangelist, Attunity and Gary Orenstein, chief product and marketing officer, Yellowbrick, who discussed novel solutions to chronic data warehousing challenges.

Attunity offers modern data integration, Petrie said. Attunity Replicate provides automation, is universal, and provides real-time data delivery. Attunity Compose accelerates the creation of analytics-ready data structures, and Attunity Enterprise Manager provides intelligent management, metadata, and control.

Businesses are demanding to reduce the cost of legacy systems. They want flexibility to reconfigure, scale up or down to meet changing requirements to enable real-time analytics at scale.

Attunity Compose can provide these results, Petrie said. The platform can improve efficiency and flexibility for real-time, advanced analytics.

For the modern data warehouse, enterprises must have:

  • Always on and available
  • Ad-hoc SQL
  • Correct answers on any schema
  • Terabytes to petabytes of data
  • Mixed real-time inserts, ETL, batch, interactive workloads
  • Thousands of concurrent users

According to Orenstein, the Yellowbrick data warehouse can give businesses all those qualities and more.

The Yellowbrick data warehouse is a modular built appliance containing all flash. Its capacity can hold from tens of terabytes to petrabytes.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.