Enterprise Report Management and Archiving Solution Updated by Datawatch Corporation

Datawatch Corporation, a provider of report analytics products and services, has announced the availability of Datawatch BDS V8, the latest version of the company's enterprise report management, archive and distribution solution. Datawatch BDS is used for high-volume enterprise electronic capture, archiving, management and retrieval of reports, statements, invoices and other business documents, and is capable of managing billions of documents from the point of initiation through delivery. Combined with the Monarch report analytics solution, Datawatch BDS provides a single source from which static report-based data can be automatically transformed into timely and dynamic information and delivered to the right users across the enterprise to quickly satisfy their decision support needs.

Datawatch BDS V8 adds certification for Red Hat Linux as well as additional new security features designed to allow organizations to better allocate the functions and features across a complex enterprise deployment.  New performance enhancements and features such as report and document redaction and translation have also been added to ensure the suitability of Datawatch BDS in global deployments.

"Datawatch BDS is an important component of our overall Monarch report analytics platform because it allows users to perform secure, high-volume capture, management, storage and delivery of documents, reports and other unstructured data which comprises the 85% of information in an organization that is not tucked away in a database,"  says Harvey Gross, vice president, development for Datawatch. "Our customers have come to rely on our Monarch report analytics solutions to transform the massive amounts of valuable data trapped in static reports, PDF files and other content-rich sources into concise, meaningful business information. Extending these unique Monarch report analytics capabilities to reports and documents stored in Datawatch BDS provides for the only end-to-end solution in the market offering enterprise-level performance, scalability, extensibility and analytics across a variety of computing platforms." For more information, go to