Enterprise Service Bus Technology Market Becomes “Democratized” with Talend Integration Factory

Talend, an open source integration tools vendor, has announced the release of Talend Integration Factory, a production-ready distribution of the popular open source enterprise service bus (ESB) from the Apache Camel project. This announcement follows the December 2010 introduction of Talend Service Factory, a repackaged distribution of Apache CXF, optimized for the enterprise. The product initiatives leverage tools from SOPERA, which Talend acquired in November.

"Talend is expanding the addressable market for enterprise service bus technologies with the release of Talend Integration Factory to include developers in small-to-medium-sized businesses and departments in large enterprises," Pat Walsh, vice president of marketing for Talend's application integration division, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Following the successful release of Talend Service Factory in December 2010, Talend Integration Factory is the next step in democratizing the market for ESB technology."   

Talend Integration Factory, based on Apache Camel, uses well known Enterprise Integration Patterns to make message-based system integration easier to implement, yet more powerful and scalable. The toolset comes pre-configured in a single installable package for deployment in environments such as OSGi, Apache Tomcat, Java Enterprise Edition servers and standalone Java Virtual Machine.

The solution also includes lightweight, component-based architecture which implements enterprise integration patterns and supports a broad set of protocols, data formats (EDI, JSON, CSV, HL7) and languages (JS, Python, Scala). Built on an extensible architecture, developers can easily add support for proprietary and custom data formats. Talend Service Factory and the new Talend Integration Factory also serve as complementary integration products that can be used to build service-oriented architectures, Walsh points out.

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