EnterpriseDB Adds Multi-Master Replication to Postgres Plus

EnterpriseDB, provider of Postgres products, Oracle database compatibility solutions, and add-on tools for PostgreSQL, has released Postgres Plus xDB Replication Server 5.0 with multi-master replication (MMR). By removing a single point of failure, MMR improves availability and enables DBAs to provide consistent and expanded access to near real-time data across geographically disparate data systems, while simultaneously allowing companies to control costs.

MMR provides benefits for organizations with geographically distributed data centers, according to the company. “MMR allows each master database to stay in sync with one another so that if you change something in one database it would be updated in the other databases in almost real time,” Keith Alsheimer, EnterpriseDB’s head of marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. DBAs can designate a master for each locality for improved write and read performance. Postgres Plus with MMR also eliminates a single point of failure so that traffic can be re-routed to other masters if one goes down, bolstering high availability. “MMR has conflict resolution capabilities that are business rule configured,” Alsheimer adds.

Other notable features include a continuously synchronizing multi-master system, expanded user access to data, and the ability to utilize existing tools on commodity hardware.

Postgres Plus with MMR is available now. Visit to learn more.