EnterpriseDB Announces General Availability of Postgres Enterprise Manager

EnterpriseDB, a provider of PostgreSQL and Oracle compatibility products and services, has announced general availability of Postgres Enterprise Manager, which allows developers and DBAs to monitor, manage, and tune both PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server installations regardless of the platform they run on - from a single console application. 

"Postgres Enterprise Manager is designed for managing large-scale PostgreSQL deployments, providing essential tools for the developer, DBA and system administrator," said Ed Boyajian, president and CEO of EnterpriseDB. "Lack of tooling like this has held back many PostgreSQL users from expanding their deployments. Now, customers can easily ramp up their PostgreSQL footprint at a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives."

According to EnterpriseDB, key enhancements in Postgres Enterprise Manager include performance monitoring dashboards with information on I/O, storage, memory, user and session activity,  and wait statistics; pre-defined and custom alerts warn the user when issues or potential issues are detected; a  SQL Profiler that allows users to pinpoint, diagnose and fix poorly performing SQL code and trace SQL statements that are executed against one or more servers;  a "DBA-in-a-Box" to  help enforce PostgreSQL best practices with expert suggestions for schema design, security,  and configuration parameters; and a Capacity Manager  that allows reporting and provides trend analysis over time to understand peak load periods, storage consumption trends.

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