EnterpriseDB Announces Updated Postgres-Based Solutions

EnterpriseDB has announced the availability of the EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.5, which offers enhancements for increased performance, scalability, security and manageability for business critical workloads. The company also unveiled EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager 6.0, which is integrated into Postgres Advanced Server 9.5, and features expanded integration with other infrastructure solutions, new alert functions, and an improved alert user interface.

According to Marc Linster, SVP, Products and Services at EDB, organizations are increasingly seeking to cut costs with open source alternatives, as evidenced by the success of Linux for operating systems; Xen and KVM for virtualization; JBoss and Apache for middleware; and now as well in the database field.

"We see large organizations successfully repurpose budgets to open-source-based solutions, as well as deploy next generation apps with EDB Postgres to strategically transform their businesses to meet the demands of the digital economy," said Linster. 

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 include password profiles to define rules for password complexity, reuse, expiration and more, increasing EDB Postgres' support for security-critical applications, such as those complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). The password profiles are implemented in an Oracle-compatible syntax. The new release also includes vertical scaling optimizations, and new capabilities to make Oracle migrations faster and allow developers continued use of Oracle skills in new Postgres Advanced Server applications.

EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager 6.0 enhancements include support for Nagios support, an open source infrastructure management and monitoring solution, integration with EDB Failover Manager to help ensure high availability, easier replication analysis, and better visualizations into operations.

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