EnterpriseDB Boosts Database Performance and Addresses Mission-Critical Enterprise Demands

EnterpriseDB, a provider of enterprise-class PostgreSQL products and Oracle database compatibility solutions, has introduced Postgres Plus Advanced Server v9.3 and Postgres Enterprise Manager 4.0, the latest versions of its flagship database and enterprise-class management console. EnterpriseDB has also announced EDB Failover Manager, an additional add-on product that the company says is a critical component for meeting enterprise high availability requirements. 

This is the 10th generation of Oracle compatibility by EnterpriseDB and in this Postgres Plus release it provides materialized view support, the number-one feature that was requested by the community. “This is a fully supported release of Postgres and it is where people can get enterprise-class support. And, if they want to migrate any of their Oracle applications to a low-cost alternative database, Postgres Plus Advanced Server makes it easy,” said Tom Kincaid, CTO, EnterpriseDB.

“Postgres Enterprise Manager 4.0 is a way for DBAs to manage, monitor and performance tune from a single console,” explained Kincaid. As a tool for managing, monitoring and tuning large Postgres deployments, this third release of Postgres Enterprise Manager enables database professionals to easily manage larger databases across the enterprise from a single, easy to use interface and includes custom dashboards so that users can get the exact view they want across all their databases in the enterprise.

EnterpriseDB Failover Manger, a collection of integrated enterprise-class tools, addresses a gap in the market for a reliable, cost-efficient solution to monitor the health of a streaming replication cluster and initiate failover. Kincaid noted that EnterpriseDB Failover Manager closes the high availability gap for Postgres and Postgres Plus Advanced Server and it is an add-on product to go with Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

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Posted January 28, 2014