EnterpriseDB Collaborates with Google to Release its Platform in the Cloud

EnterpriseDB (EDB), an enterprise Postgres database company, is collaborating with Google Inc. to release EDB Postgres Enterprise in Google Cloud Launcher, promoting greater efficiency and workflow for developers.  

“We’re really moving to support all the platforms and cloud motions all our customers want to adopt,” said Lenley Hensarling, senior vice president of strategy and product management.

Google Cloud Launcher is designed to make developers more efficient by removing operational deployment and configuration tasks so developers can build enterprise applications.

Additional benefits of using EDB Postgres Enterprise on Google Cloud Launcher include, access to an enhanced version of Postgres with enterprise-class performance and security, as well as database compatibility for Oracle, a cost savings compared to Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server on Amazon Web Services, enterprise enhancements to open source PostgreSQL, and database portability that enables DBAs to move data between the cloud and on-premises deployments.

EDB Postgres Enterprise is an open source-based database management system (DBMS) subscription service which includes EDB’s open source-based database with enterprise features, such as enhanced performance, security, DBA and developer features, and database compatibility with Oracle.

Subscriptions to the platform include a Management Suite, Integration Suite, and Migration Suite along with a variety of deployment options, services, and 24/7 support.

“We think that having our capabilities for an enterprise OLTP database up there in the cloud really helps to enable and remove that friction to allow much more innovation in the marketplace in general,” Hensarling said.

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