EnterpriseDB Rebrands to EDB

As the popularity of PostgreSQL continues to rise, EnterpriseDB is rebranding to EDB has to better reflect its mission to bring the open source relational database to more organizations. The rebranding was announced at the Postgres Vision 2020 virtual conference.  

Governed by volunteers from around the world who are focused on delivering high quality software and enabling faster innovation, PostgreSQL offers strong capabilities that enable a wide range of applications, and provide everyone from DBAs and developers to architects and DevOps managers with help to plug in and go faster.

“Postgres is bigger than any one company. It’s a movement. Our new tagline, ‘Power to Postgres,’ captures both the spirit of that movement and our commitment to it,” said EDB president and CEO Ed Boyajian. “We’re database fanatics, and for our customers, a trusted partner with the energy and expertise to supercharge Postgres and help them overcome their challenges.”

EDB serves organizations such as IKEA and Mastercard and recently announced a partnership with IBM to offer EDB Postgres as part of the IBM Data Management Platform, extending the power of Postgres globally.  EDB also extends PostgreSQL through a network of global partnerships. Last year, for example, EDB began partnering with IBM to offer EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) as part of the IBM Data Management Platform. In an expansion of their partnership, the companies recently announced that EPAS will be available as a database-as-a-service on IBM Cloud within the next few weeks.

For more information, go to the EDB website at