EnterpriseDB Releases Open Beta of Postgres Plus xDB Replication Server with Multi-Master

EnterpriseDB, provider of PostegreSQL and Oracle database compatibility products and services, has released a public beta of its new Multi-Master Replication (MMR) capability in Postgres Plus xDB Replication Server. This will provide database administrators with improved write-availability and read-scalability, customization, database performance, as well as a cost reduction in Oracle licensing.

With MMR capability for Postgres, DBAs managing databases with two or more writable nodes are able to deploy a publication server with flexible rules for resolving conflicts. “When you have your data centers and applications spread across different geographies in different wide area networks, the network can become the bottleneck,” Karen Padir, EnterpriseDB’s executive vice president of products and engineering, tells 5 Minute Briefing. More than one master can be designated across multiple regions for continuous synchronization and write capability simultaneously. “You can use our multi-master replication technology to allow you to have a master in each of your geographical regions and we do the synchronization between those masters,” Padir adds.

xDB customers can improve database performance by removing read-only workloads and increase reporting speed by assigning a designated reporting server that is synched with the master. Organizations using xDB can also reduce licensing costs by allowing DBAs to continue to use applications designed for other databases and replicating data in Postgres servers. Lastly, EnterpriseDB’s management and GUI console features, “sophisticated conflict resolution strategies that are wrapped up in a management tooling interface, so it’s easy for everybody to use,” says Padir.

xDB Replication Sever with MMR technology is currently available in beta. General availability of Postgres Plus 9.2 with MMR is expected later this fall. To learn more or participate in the beta, visit