EnterpriseDB Releases Postgres Plus Standard Server Version 8.4

EnterpriseDB, the commercial software company supporting the PostgreSQL open source database, recently announced the release of Postgres Plus Standard Server 8.4, an advanced open source database product that combines the price and performance benefits of a community-developed open source technology, with the full support of a stable commercial entity. PostgreSQL adoption is growing rapidly, and many organizations are now viewing it as an alternative to proprietary database offerings. With this version of Postgres Plus Standard Server, EnterpriseDB is advancing this adoption by giving enterprises the cost benefits of an open source database platform, the performance benefits of a community-developed product, and the reassurance of proven vendor support.

"Version 8.4 includes key features that EnterpriseDB added to the product to make it easier to install, use, and administer on numerous operating system platforms," Larry Alston, vice president of marketing for EnterpriseDB tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The installation process includes JDBC and ODBC drivers, replication capability, connection pooling, and migration wizards. Ease of use is facilitated by migration toolkits that make it easier to move schema and data from MySQL and Oracle databases to PostgreSQL for uses such as operational data stores. And testing has been done on multiple platforms including Red Hat, SuSE Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows."

Another new feature of Postgres Plus Standard Server version 8.4 is known as the StackBuilder Plus & Update Service. Through this management and automation tool, users can easily add new features to the open source core of the database. Based on regular surveys of open source projects, EnterpriseDB selects the features most critical to enterprise customers, acquires the latest source, builds binaries and installers, and tests the integration of the features. In addition, StackBuilder Plus notifies users of available updates and can automate downloads and installations. This greatly reduces the time that DBAs and developers need to spend managing and installing updates.

In addition to doing operating system testing, the Quality Management Group at EnterpriseDB performs extensive installation testing of the database and its pre-installed add-on modules such as database connectors and distributed caching.

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