EnterpriseDB Ships Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0

EnterpriseDB, a provider of PostgreSQL and Oracle compatibility products and services, announced general availability of Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0. featuring improvements such as enriched database performance and availability, and increased Oracle compatibility.

A major enhancement also includes native support for the HP-UX Itanium platform, "so users can download and install our products on HP-UX as they do any other platform," Robin Schumacher, director of product strategy for EnterpriseDB*, told 5 Minute Briefing. "Prior to our support, a person who wished to use PostgreSQL on HP-UX had to download the PostgreSQL source code and attempt to build their own binaries on HP-UX. It's not an easy task, according to one customer I talked with."

Built on the community edition of PostgreSQL 9.0, Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0 includes increased performance with its Parallel Data Loader, which loads data up to 800%  faster, the vendor says.

Version 9.0 is also designed to decrease the amount of manual effort needed to move from Oracle with additional Oracle enhancements, including support for Oracle Pro*C applications.

The new release of Advanced Server also includes support for replicating Microsoft SQL Server data to Postgres Plus with xDB Replication Server. "What customers are looking for is a co-existence strategy with Microsoft and PostgreSQL/EDB, as well as a path to possibly move off the Windows platform onto a Linux-based RDBMS," says Schumacher. "Further, offloading SQL Server transactional data to another, lesser-cost alternative is what a lot of companies do for reporting and BI purposes. Although cheaper than Oracle, Microsoft is still expensive for SQL Server Enterprise."

Additional features include Postgres Plus Infinite Cache, enhanced to add nodes without flushing the entire cache or causing disruption or system downtime. Version 9.0 also contains high availability features from the Postgres community, including built-in replication and hot standby database, which mirror Oracle Dataguard.

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Since this interview was conducted, Robin Schumacher joined Datastax as vice president of products.