Entrinsik Hosting Webinar Exploring SugarCRM

Entrinsik is hosting a webinar that will explore how SugarCRM can be used as a data discovery platform.

Entrinsik Informer connects to SugarCRM and other sources of data, allowing users to create ad-hoc reports, perform data analysis, and visualize their data in dashboards.

With a built-in security framework and intuitive user interface, users can create cross-module reports using drag-and-drop, auto-complete, and in-place editing.

Entrinsik has also developed a special plugin for Informer that recognizes the unique SugarCRM data structure, providing multi-level integration.

The plugin is compatible with Sugar 6.5 or greater and provides a group of standard SugarCRM reports and dashboards, along with support for the Sugar 7 REST API, a SugarCRM-specific function library, third-party authentication, single sign-on, and SugarCRM security.

For more information about the webinar, which will be hosted by Tim Nicholson, director of Informer Services, on August 2 at 2 pm ET, go here.