Entrinsik Informer 5.1.2 Boosts Collaboration Capabilities

Entrinsik, a provider of intuitive business intelligence, is releasing 5.1.2 of the Informer platform, unlocking a bundling module that will foster better sharing and accelerate the spread of best practices for data throughout the organization.

“Over the past decade, we have built an incredible foundation as a leading business intelligence solution, connecting thousands of people with insights from their data to make informed decisions that solve business problems. Working with our customers we were able to transform how they scale their business, allowing data driven decisions to reach more people, while maintaining an intuitive experience for our users,” said Doug Leupen, Founder and CEO of Entrinsik. “Promoting collaboration through bundling will accelerate the pace of adoption and lead to better outcomes for our customers.”

By eliminating the requirement for complex IT support and expertise, Informer users with proper credentials can now quickly and easily share reports, datasources, jobs, users ,and teams with colleagues or partners.

As organizations look to become more data driven, they are stymied when it comes to scaling to new departments, as installation, implementation and replication of new instances can be labor and time intensive. The new bundling feature with Informer addresses this issue by providing users a consistent, easy way to share instances. A replication that used to take days can now be completed in minutes. 

One of the greatest assets of Informer bundling is the ability to quickly and easily update multiple contexts of a single multi-tenant Informer environment. Partners can disseminate gold standard content or share best practices from individual Users to the entire ecosystem, providing continuous improvement for all.

Outside of Informer, queries can take hours or even days to process millions or billions of records, but using Informer Datasets allows organizations to curate the exact desired data with its respective governance rules, work flows, and calculations, which are indexed into Elasticsearch for quick sorting and filtering.

With the options of Append and Upsert, Informer will only add the new and updated records. This is particularly useful for larger organizations needing near real-time Reports on millions of transactions.

A user can set Informer to refresh a Dataset periodically throughout the day and only add new or modify changed records. The new options present as follows:

  • Replace - remove all records and replace them with the new query results.
  • Append - add new records.
  • Upsert - add new records, update existing records while never removing old records.

Additional new features and capabilities from Informer 5.1.2 include:

  • User Defined Fields – Providing a flexible data sharing design that allows you to show different data sets to different sets of Users. Managers can now create a master Report, with individuals only seeing the data that is relevant to their role.
  • Private Filters – When you work with filters saved to a private folder, you can run Reports with confidence. No one else has access to the filters, so you’re the only one responsible for changes.
  • SQL Savelists – Enable Savelists for customers that moved from U2 to SQL.
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