Entrinsik Informer 5.4 to Debut Soon

The next update to Entrinsik’s Informer platform is coming soon, according to Madhavi Chandra, director of Informer product management.

In a recent blog post, she outlined some of the new features to bolster data governance and business workflows that customers can expect from the upcoming release.

The update will include a new Field Security model that allows for granular field level security – users can restrict and grant differentiated access to fields within the same Mapping. Sharing a Dataset will now provide row level and field level restrictions for more robust security. The new security features are backwards compatible with previous versions of Informer.

The new Elastic Script Fields allow users to augment datasets without requiring the data to be re-indexed.

Since interacting with large amounts of data can be challenging, the company improved column selection across the board so users can quickly navigate, find a field, and pare down the view by dynamically choosing fields that they wish to see.

There is also two new visuals in the Visual Gallery that include Heat Map and Spider Chart, increasing the number of ways that users visualize their data.

There are two impactful features behind an experimental flag – Templates Preview and a new Web Datasource driver.

Templates Preview allows total pixel-perfect control over output. Users can create the exact layout they desire using HTML with server-side rendering.

This mode allows for complete flexibility in designing a Template. Future features for Templates will include different modes for customizing existing PDF exporter and other tailored Template experiences.

The Web Datasource driver connects Informer 5 to web-based tools, opening the door to limitless possibilities, according to the vendor.

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