Entrinsik Informer AI Officially Available, with Informer 5.9 Also on the way

Entrinsik Informer AI is now available, offering new possibilities for data analysis and interaction.

Informer AI offers real-time assistance with Help Center AI, enhances scripting and querying capabilities through Copilot AI, and empowers users to create digital assistants in seconds.

Uniquely adept at handling both structured and unstructured data, these assistants can visualize data, print templates, and connect to APIs, integrating seamlessly with datasets, PDFs, and documents.

Following Entrinsik Informer AI’s release, the company is holding a webinar, presented by Andrea Vega, vice president of Informer Engineering, who will demonstrate three revolutionary aspects of Informer AI.

This includes In-app support AI for seamless user assistance, Copilot AI, a smart Assistant aiding in script and query writing by understanding actions, and the groundbreaking Assistants feature,

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The company is also unveiling Informer 5.9, which will be widely available soon. The platform will introduce the ability to securely make Reports publicly accessible. According to the company, this feature allows organizations to leverage their data in new ways, enhancing transparency and engagement with their audience while safeguarding their core data system.

A Public Report, in the context of Informer, is a Dataset-backed Report (e.g., a Dashboard, a Comparison Board, or a Data View) that is shared outside of Informer’s firewall, making it accessible to users who do not have direct access to the Informer.

This sharing mechanism is facilitated by a Cloud Publish Key, essentially an API token. This token serves as a unique identifier used for authentication and authorization when interacting with the Informer API. It acts as a secure key that enables the destination Informer to request and receive data from the originating Informer’s system without compromising security.

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