Entrinsik Informer Continues to be Recognized as Top Platform

Entrinsik, Inc., developer of Informer 5, has recently been selected by TrustRadius for the Education Software Honor Roll which recognizes the top 10 most reviewed software products by education industry professionals.

These products support people working in the education sector and range from, for example, education-specific learning management systems (LMS) to cross-industry solutions like data analysis and reporting.

Through its research in producing the Honor Roll, TrustRadius learned that Informer is used in many departments within colleges and universities, including administrative and finance.

Because of Informer’s ease of use, coupled with its ability to pull in data from many different data sources while providing centralized data governance that addresses security concerns, schools consider Informer to be an ideal self-service analysis and reporting tool.

The criteria TrustRadius used to award Honor Roll status was based on the highest number of published reviews by education industry professionals from within the Primary and Secondary Education, Higher Education, Education Management, or E-Learning industries.

“Entrinsik is proud to be recognized as being the top business intelligence software product reviewed by education professionals,” said Doug Leupen, President and CEO at Entrinsik, Inc. “Colleges and universities have huge databases and many different departments which need up-to-the minute reporting for their academic leaders to have the insights they need to make the best business decisions. Informer provides the ability and affordability for schools to not only consolidate all these different datasources but provide the ease of use with self-service data analysis and reporting for their entire staff.”

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