Entrinsik Informer and Wynne Systems Deliver BI Solution to World’s Largest Caterpillar Equipment Dealer

The Cat Rental Store is a subsidiary of Finning International Inc., the world’s largest Caterpillar equipment dealer. The Cat Rental Store is a full service rental organization, featuring a complete line of midsize and smaller Caterpillar machinery as well as a variety of other name brands and equipment.

The team at The Cat Rental Store used a combination of different reporting tools and data sources in order to get the reporting results they needed. In many cases the reports were manually generated Data was then either imported or copied into spreadsheet templates. The Cat Rental Store generated Axiom ERP reports, custom queries and Excel spreadsheets with most of their KPI information, collected and reported on at month’s end, not in real time.

The reporting environment created multiple challenges: untimely access to reports, non-uniformity in data analysis, Excel skills/access restrictions, large file distribution, and end-user interpretation and training difficulties, among others.

The Cat Rental Store needed to introduce an integrated BI tool into the organization that would put advanced reporting and dashboarding capabilities into the hands of managers so its staff could respond quickly to continuously changing business conditions.

The Cat Rental Store learned about Entrinsik Informer through SugarCRM (Entrinsik is a SugarCRM partner) and was intrigued when Wynne Systems announced the integration of Entrinsik Informer into its Axiom ERP.  Now that Axiom ERP has embedded Informer into Axiom Reporter, The Cat Rental Store benefits from dashboards with interactive drill down reporting capabilities;  the ability to export data into different formats directly from a report;  ad hoc, self-service report creation, including column sorts, column totals and other aggregates, summary sorts, drill downs, analytics, and chart creation; and overall ease of use with minimal training required and ease of navigation.

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