Entrinsik Introduces Informer 4.1 with New Plug-In Architecture

Entrinsik, a provider of web-based operational reporting and analysis solutions, has announced the latest release of Informer Web Reporting software, Informer 4.1. The new release provides a plug-in architecture that allows developers to amend and extend core Informer functionality into existing organizational environments.

Informer enables organizations to transform real-time data from multiple sources into actionable intelligence without the need to set up and manage a separate data store. Informer extends self service reporting and analysis capabilities to users who can uncover critical insights in the information they work with by querying, reporting, analyzing, delivering, and displaying real-time operational data in any way they choose.

The new plug-in architecture in 4.1 enables organizations to use Entrinsik's newly published SDK to further integrate informer into their other third-party applications via custom development, Chris Reeves, director of channel relationships at Entrinsik, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

For partners such as third-party application vendors, Informer 4.1 allows them to manipulate the Informer environment in a number of different ways, making it more aware of the application it is reporting against, explains Reeves. This includes the ability to change the look and feel to fit the corporate identity of the partner as well as enabling application-specific behavior for Informer such as implementing Single Sign-On and implementing programmatic row-level security. "It also includes a Java RMI [Remote Method Invocation] gateway allowing them to programmatically create an Informer context, enabling them to take advantage of Informer logic outside of the traditional Informer user interface," adds Reeves. The new release enables partners to deliver Informer pre-packaged with all of their modifications, including delivering a set of known quality reports and mappings to bundle with the installation package to speed roll out.

For Entrinsik customers, the new plug-in architecture in Informer 4.1 offers similar capabilities but they are just realized in different ways, says Reeves. "Our customers will use it to change the look and feel of their product." For example, a university could have their own logos and colors throughout the product, he notes, pointing out that the full SDK is available to them as well.

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