Entrinsik Launches Informer Dashboards with Web-based, Interactive Data Visualization

Entrinsik, developer of Informer software, has announced the release of Informer Dashboards. With a 100% Java-driven architecture and browser-based interface, Informer Dashboards allow organizations to visualize real-time data from multiple sources on one screen to quickly identify actionable information and key trends.

Informer software provides real-time access to a range of databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Access, DB2, Informix, Rocket U2 and others without the need for complex ETL processes, data warehousing, or data cubing. From an intuitive drag and drop web interface, Informer’s self-service reporting capabilities enable business users to drill down into data elements in real-time, sort and group, build interactive charts and perform ad-hoc analysis without IT support. Informer is implemented in hours and is easy to install, configure and administer, delivering quick ROI and a low total cost of ownership.

With Informer Dashboards, users can access data from multiple sources including data warehouses, cubes, Excel, and Google; develop  dashboards by dragging and dropping using a single web-based interface; incorporate runtime variables allowing users to specify filter parameters; identify underlying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the fly; update dashboard widgets with real-time data according to refresh schedule; view multiple reports and visualizations on one screen; find context for real time data; create drill-downs to answer critical questions; and  use easy widgets for immediate data summaries and visualizations.

“Informer Dashboards is a completely new module that we have built from the ground up that allows customers to combine data that they pull from their own transactional systems by way of mostly Informer reports, as well as from non-JDBC, or non-SQL, or non-MultiValue data by way of web services or any other protocol, and bring this data into a dashboarding environment that in turn allows them to visualize that same data in a variety of ways,” Brad Leupen, Entrinsik CTO tells DBTA.

“For example, we allow customers to use the full suite of Google Visualization charts such as bar charts, pie charts and scatter charts and basically bind these visual graphics to the data they have brought into the dashboard. They can very quickly set these things up through their web browser - all drag and drop, and point and click. There is no warehousing that is necessary. Bringing the data into the dashboard is very easy,” says Leupen. “And, we allow the customer to set up very simple caching rules to say how long they want Informer to keep the data around before refreshing the query, and we just try to make it very easy to not only author the dashboards but also for the end user to be able to pull them up and interact with the data in the visualizations that they see.” In addition, Leupen notes, customers who have been using Informer for a number of years and built up reports and mappings onto their transactional systems can leverage all of these operational reports within the dashboard system. 

“We feel that in relation to other vendors in the space our system stacks of favorably in terms of functionality – but at a much lower cost of entry,” says Leupen. For more information from Entrinsik, go here