Entrinsik Looks Ahead to Informer 5.8 Release

The upcoming release of Informer 5.8 is bringing an array of features built to empower users to create customized outputs while optimizing their workflows. At the heart of this release are two powerful new features, Templates and Letterhead. 

According to Madhavi Chandra, chief product officer, in a blog post, Informer 5.8 includes the game-changing Templates feature, designed to provide users with total control over their custom outputs.

With Templates, users can create pixel-perfect layouts by utilizing HTML and server-side rendering. Users can either write the HTML code directly or use the WYSIWYG rich editor, a friendly layer on top of the Templates engine that does not require knowledge of HTML. Accept runtime inputs, run queries, access datasets, and execute scripts to create the exact design you envision.

Informer’s Templates engine allows users to easily preview their creations before exporting them as HTML or PDFs, and seamlessly use them in business workflows. For example, users can create their Template and then use Job Actions to send emails with that same Template.

By leveraging the various Job Actions, users can streamline processes and save valuable time. With Informer 5.8’s Templates, users can design with precision, harness the power of data, and optimize business workflows seamlessly. 

The upcoming release of Informer 5.8 also brings the versatile Letterhead feature, enabling users to elevate their PDF exports across the platform. With Letterhead, you can establish a unique brand identity by customizing layout options, headers, footers, and watermarks.

Apply Letterhead to all types of exports, including Datasets, Ad Hoc Queries, and even Templates. Whether Letterhead is used to protect internal documents by watermarking them “Confidential” or tailor documents to specific styles, Informer allows users to present effective documents that reflect different needs. The outcome is professional, polished documents, said Chandra.

Experience the comfort of dark mode even more with the upcoming Informer 5.8. Users can view external links in dark mode, providing a more comfortable browsing experience. Toggle between light and dark themes to suit individual preferences and enjoy a more visually appealing interface.

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