Entrinsik Offers Best Practices for Migrating to Informer 5

Whether users are delaying the move to Informer 5 due to a lack of migration and IT resources, the thought of transitioning reports, or other projects, Entrinsik wants to help facilitate the migration with some best practices and migration resources.

Entrinsik provides users with a Migration Guide that has tools for a successful migration. The Data Gathering Workbook can collect and document the information needed during the Informer 4 to Informer 5 migration to keep track of its progress.

During the migration, users can also utilize Informer Managed Services to take care of data needs more efficiently and effectively. The company’s team can focus on organizational priorities and contribute to business outcomes while an expert from Entrinsik’s team ensures that customized needs are met, creating visuals and insights to assist in making important data-driven decisions.

Entrinsik Informer 5 features multi-tenancy architecture that enables VARS and ISVs who develop and deploy software to quickly serve multiple customers using a single instance of Informer. The platform also includes the Mapping Suites feature which greatly simplifies reporting from databases with partition schema layouts found across various sectors, including the Education space.

Version 5.5 features Internationalized UI support for Mexican Spanish, Canadian French, and German as well as support for dates and times based on the locale of a User.

A new top-level Global Search Bar makes it easy to find anything in the Informer system with just a few keystrokes. The Global Search Bar searches through all entities in your entire Informer system and provides results in a categorized manner.

In addition, a new parameters bar on the Ad hoc Query page will display the parameters that back a result set along with the data.

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