Entrinsik Officially Launches Informer 5.7

Entrinsik is releasing Informer 5.7, adding a new user interface that simplifies Informer with intuitive ways to navigate, design, and utilize the tool from the home screen.

Also, Informer 5.7 features an enhanced workflow which has been redesigned to feel natural and provide a consistent experience, increasing the ease and effectiveness of accessing, analyzing, sharing, and automating data.

Revamped Teams provides an individual home page for each team, enabling customization of team members, content, and feed in one view.

This version is packed with new features that will enhance workflows and engagement with Informer including:

  • System Audit - Administrators can monitor query usage in their system, identifying slow-running queries in need of optimization or unused content that can be discarded. 
  • Audit Logs – Document and view the Informer activities and actions taken within your organization. 
  • Web Datasource - Pull data from SaaS-based hosted solutions to expand the data streams into Informer.
  • Informer Datasource – The Informer Datasource lets Informer report on itself to see what is happening in Informer, how data is connected, and who is using data.

Additionally, ES5 to ES8 migration is being added. Elasticsearch 8 is now supported and will bring new features and improved support to Informer. ES8 is required as of Informer 5.7.

Informer.Cloud will be automatically upgraded to Informer 5.7 after the new release is validated on Entrinsik’s cloud infrastructure.

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