Entrinsik Officially Rolls Out Informer 5.8

Entrinsik is releasing Informer 5.8, empowering users to create customized outputs while optimizing their workflows with two powerful new features: Templates and Letterheads. 

Templates are pixel-perfect output backed by data that can be seamlessly used in business workflows including Jobs.

Letterheads are customized exports of datasets, ad hoc reports, and templates with brand identity, which includes watermarks, headers, footers.

Additionally, this update brings Dark Mode on external links. Users can utilize Extended Dark Mode when viewing Informer content outside of Informer via external links.

Other features include ES5 to ES8 Migration. Elasticsearch 8 is now supported and will bring new features and improved support to Informer. ES8 is required as of Informer 5.7

Informer.Cloud will be automatically upgraded to Informer 5.8 after the new release is validated on Entrinsik’s cloud infrastructure. Thus, for those on Informer Cloud, there is no action required part to update the cloud instance. 

To learn more about Informer 5.8 watch the recent webinar “Informer 5.8 Release Overview: Harness the Power of Creativity with Templates & Letterheads.”

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