Entrinsik Partners with Odigia to Simplify Education

Entrinsik has formed a partnership with Odigia, an education software company that aims to simplify education for students and teachers through technology. Odigia personalizes education for students by assessing how they perform in comparison to their peers. It uses data to track where students are spending the most time on assignments, indicating that they are having trouble with certain sections. This allows for educators to see where each student may be struggling within the assignment and address each student individually with the help they need.

Entrinsik’s Informer software provides students and teachers the ability to view their educational progress in dashboards and reports. “Together, we’ll be able to aggregate data across the whole learning environment,” said Tad Buck, director of Informer solutions at Entrinsik. “Our software solution, Informer, lets businesses, colleges and universities gather critical reports on an institution-wide level; what Odigia has done is created that level of insight for instructors to drive improved student outcomes.” The software contains a simple drag and drop, point and click interface which makes it possible for even the most novice users to operate.

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