Entrinsik Prepares for Annual User Conference and Gears up for Major Platform Update

Entrinsik is gearing up for its annual ICON conference where hundreds of Informer users will gather together to learn more about the latest update to the Informer platform.

ICON 2017 will take place in Raleigh, North Carolina from April 26 to 28, 2017, and will feature breakout sessions with members of the Informer product development team, panel discussions on best practices and methodologies, training sessions, round table discussions specific to different industries, Entrinsik Enrole sessions dedicated to Enrole training, and more.

Eintrinsik is getting ready to release Informer 5.0, explained Sharon Shelton, vice president of marketing at Entrinsik. The platform update re-architects the whole software platform so that it becomes a robust data discovery solution.

“Not only can you report off the data, create visualizations off the data but now you can do all kinds of stuff to figure out what the data means,” Shelton said. “Not only can you pull the data from regular data bases, but you can pull it from excel spreadsheets, twitter feeds, all different kinds of data sources. It really becomes this hub where organizations can pull in all kinds of data. Informer suggests visuals now as opposed to figuring out what visuals make sense for this data.”

The platform now aligns with where the market is going, Shelton noted.

“Everybody is talking about data discovery,” Shelton said. “It used to be about, help me get my data out. Now it’s about, help me make sense of my data.”

The conference is going to be a fun time to celebrate with customers about the new release, according to Shelton.

Enrinsik is aiming to release the platform later this year. Right now it’s in alpha testing and then will immediately go into beta.

“It’s going extremely well,” Shelton said.”There are a lot of people still using MultiValue databases; people don’t realize it.”

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