Entrinsik Showcases Updated Platform at Educational Conference

Before the release of Informer 5.0, Entrinsik participated in the EDUCAUSE Conference to showcase new features of the anticipated platform. EDUCAUSE is specifically a higher education, IT conference taking place this year in Anaheim California from October 25 to 28. It’s one of the biggest shows of the year that Entrinsik participates in.

“We’ve traditionally to this point been marketing ourselves as a reporting solution, you can access data from multiple places and you can report off that data in multiple ways,” said Sharon Shelton, vice president of marketing at Entrinsik. “With this new release we’ve evolved the product to be a data discovery solution, so not only can it pull data from multiple data sources, as it’s pulling the data from those data sources Informer 5 allows you to cleanse and transform the data as it’s streaming into Informer.”

The updated platform will allow IT or power users to create curated data sources with subsets of data that have been identified as the right data to use to run reports and more.

“It helps to make sure that everybody is working off one version of the truth,” Shelton said.

End users can now run reports and create visualizations as Informer guides users through each phase of the discovery process.

“If I need to find out some information that’s hidden in the data, Informer actually helps me figure that out by suggesting certain visualizations and then I can use them, not use them, modify, customize, or add different data points to it,” Shelton said.

Informer 5 also allows users to collaborate with each other to comment on different report results, glean insights from the data, and create teams to work on data together.

Additionally, this new update can handle tons of data and renders the data quicker than before, according to Shelton.

“We’re really, really excited,” Shelton said.