Entrinsik to Hold Webinar Showcasing Informer 5.9

With the latest version of Informer on the horizon, Entrinsik is holding a webinar on May 7 with Randall Williams, director of Informer training and curriculum development, to highlight the new features.

In this webinar, MultiValue users will learn about:

  • AI Assistants: An expert for every purpose! Capable of creating charts, printing Templates, utilizing APIs, and more, transforming the information you need to make critical decisions. See the focused AI Assistants webinar here.
  • Public Reports: Wider access to Reports without compromising the security of the entire Informer system.
  • OAuth Support: Secure interactions between Informer and third-party applications for robust integrations.
  • Template Enhancements: Template editor workflow that now allows for previewing in a tab or new window.
  • Support for Time Zones in Jobs: Facilitate the migration and operation of Jobs across different time zones.
  • New Member Plus Role: New intermediate role enables nuanced control over your Informer environment.
  • Jbase Connector (Beta): Allows for direct connections to MultiValue Jbase Datasources.

Whether you’re looking to enhance security, improve integration, streamline your workflow, or gain more control over your data environment, these features represent significant strides forward for Informer users, according to the company.

To attend this webinar, join here.