Entro Adds Machine Identity Lifecycle Management to its Security Platform

Entro, a cybersecurity startup offering machine identity secrets security and management, is adding Machine Identity Lifecycle Management to its platform along with new integrations designed to further assist organizations that are shifting to the cloud.

According to the company, Entro’s new Machine Identity Lifecycle Management capabilities provide security teams with tools to manage, actively monitor, and control the entire lifecycle of a secret from creation, to use, to retirement, and everything in between.

The capability also helps enforce best practices for managing secrets in CI/CD pipelines, communication, and collaboration platforms, and for retiring secrets and other critical lifecycle events.

The company also announced new integrations of the Entro platform with CIFS/SMB File Shares and Microsoft SharePoint.

CIFS (Common Internet File System) and SMB (Server Message Block) are both Windows file-sharing protocols used in storage systems.

These will enable organizations that have been primarily on-premises and are shifting to the cloud to use the Entro platform to scan documents on traditional file shares or on-premises SharePoint for finding and monitoring secrets as they continue to move further into the cloud.

Entro’s integrations with vaults, code repositories, CI/CD, cloud services, and collaboration solutions, such as AWS Secrets Manager, Azure KV, GitHub secrets, HashiCorp, Jira, and many others, are a significant competitive advantage, according to the company. They enable the Entro platform to seamlessly integrate with cloud infrastructures and DevOps tools to efficiently oversee and protect non-human identities, ensuring comprehensive security and compliance through a unified interface.

According to the company, the new Machine Identity Lifecycle Management and integration capabilities build on Entro’s proven technology to rapidly discover all the context surrounding machine secrets from vaults to app code to the dark web.

The advances further anchor Entro’s leadership in providing CISOs and security teams with the most comprehensive solution for combatting “secrets sprawl” and protecting machine identities and cloud access keys and credentials from unauthorized access, disclosure or use.

“The fact is mitigating risks of machine secrets is really, really hard. Companies have no idea how many secrets they hold in the cloud, where they are, who has them, when they were last rotated and, in many cases, even what processes they control,” said Itzik Alvas, CEO and co-founder of Entro. “Perhaps the worst impact is that this uncertainty can prevent security and DevOps teams from knowing what to do or even taking action for fear of breaking production systems. Our platform provides the visibility and monitoring necessary to answer these questions, enabling them to identify threats earlier, take decisive action, and reduce risks.”

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