Equalum Bolsters Modern Data Integration and CDC Support for Google Cloud Platforms

Equalum, a provider of data integration and ingestion solutions, is expanding modern data integration support and introducing a next-gen design solution for optimal data loading to GCP’s Big Query, Google Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, as well as other cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.

With multi-cloud interoperability, Equalum’s flexible, cloud-enabled platform helps users avoid the pitfalls of single vendor lock in for cloud-first strategies—all from a no-code UI. As a result, customers can now quickly leverage the power of GCP, MS Azure, and AWS clouds as required, according to the vendor.

Equalum can stream data in real-time from on-prem or cloud data sources into Google (and other cloud platforms) reducing time to value, and enabling Cloud adoption. Additionally, the power of the platform is abstracted behind an intuitive dashboard that facilitates complex transformations and enrichments.

“We’ve seen an influx of customers coming to Equalum with GCP support requirements over the past six months, hence our attention to expanding support for BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, and Cloud SQL,” says Steve Foster, VP sales. “Each cloud vendor has their own solution for data integration, but our customers demand flexibility and choice for hybrid or multi-cloud environments while minimizing cloud compute costs.”

Equalum used a design approach to minimize costs while capitalizing on the power BigQuery provides. Data is first captured using best in class Change Data Capture, then streamed, in real time, into Google Cloud Storage with an exactly-once guarantee. Data is delivered with accuracy, timeliness, and reliability.

Equalum optimizes the data before loading it, minimizing the number of target table scans needed to just once per upload. Equalum also provides flexibility for the frequency with which you upload the data based on the use case and data availability parameters to optimize data loads to the cloud.

The platform’s comprehensive transformation capabilities can also be applied to data in the pipeline - before it lands on the cloud target, providing more consumable data with less latency for AI, ML and BI reporting workloads. Consumers can quickly and easily manage huge amounts of data in real time without the high price tag or complexity.

Equalum’s cloud methodology can also be applied to AWS, Azure, and other cloud vendors, helping customers take advantage of features provided by the various clouds and avoid vendor lock-in.

“Equalum’s flexible, scalable and comprehensive design has been a big selling point for our customers and our growing partner ecosystem,” said Guy Eilon, CEO of Equalum. “With the drive to optimize cloud compute and storage strategies, Equalum is uniquely positioned as a key enabler of success.”

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