Equalum Competitive Replacement Program Brings Powerful CDC Solution to On-Prem and Hybrid Cloud Environments

The provider of data integration and ingestion solutions, Equalum, is debuting its Equalum Competitive Replacement Program, re-envisioning the enterprise’s CDC solution for customers of legacy solutions, including HVR, Striim, and StreamSets. Supportive of both on-premises and hybrid cloud environments, the Equalum CDC solution meets users where they are to supply real-time data movement and easily orchestrated data pipelines.

In order to accommodate the “mixed-bag” landscape that composes modern technological environments, the Equalum CDC solution provides more expansive feature sets and on-premises or private cloud operability—without draining your finances.

Equalum CDC replicates subsets of data and dynamic schema, accompanied by a no-code UI; by capturing data and changes once, Equalum can easily replicate or ETL the CDC data to a data warehouse or data lake(s). The solution is quick to set up, too—improving development time, programming burden, and productivity levels, according to the vendor.

Functions such as Equalum’s real-time replication of data from source to target, real-time streaming ETL workflow design and execution, and in-flight transformations combine to form a powerful and efficient CDC solution that is equally as accessible. Equalum’s customer support time stands by to aid in an enterprise-level transition, mitigating downtime for critical data streaming, replication, or migration processes.

“Equalum’s new Competitive Replacement Program offers enterprise customers the assurance they can architect their CDC solution in the way that best supports their organization without concern over the changing product strategies of their vendor,” said said Erez Alsheich, chief product officer and co-founder of Equalum. “This is an excellent option for users who wish to maintain an on-premise CDC solution instead of migrating to a potentially insecure and less performant cloud-only option.”

Equalum CDC is now available for immediate production deployments.

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