Espresso Logic Introduces Data Virtualization to Accelerate Back-End App Development

The process of building a single application can be a tedious one, in some cases taking as long as 12 months to complete. To cut the time it takes developers to create applications, Espresso Logic is adding data virtualization for mobile and web app back-end developers to its reactive programming-based back-end-as-a-service (BaaS).

According to the company, traditionally, one of the challenges for developers has been trying to use data from numerous different platforms.  This includes everything from SQL and NoSQL databases to various enterprise systems such as SAP and Salesforce. Using the data from all of these different data sources for one app was a major time constraint for many developers.

Espresso enables developers to create REST APIs across these data sources in hours by pointing and clicking. Espresso’s Data Virtualization service also helps ensure that the APIs are secure and that they enforce all of their business policies.

“We have a very unique technology that we have developed called reactive programming. As a user, whenever the spreadsheet is changed it will always recalculate itself and give you a result. Up until now, no one has really used this method for back-end development,” explained R. Paul Singh, CEO of Espresso Logic.

This cuts time for developers, who in the past would have to manually check their spreadsheets, but can now rely on automatic updates based on the application rules and policies.   Espresso exposes RESTful endpoints for tables, views and stored procedures automatically for SQL databases and NoSQL databases.

According to Singh, REST is becoming the new standard within the industry because it is network-oriented.

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