Espresso Logic Lets Developers Create REST APIs Across MongoDB and SQL Databases

Silicon Valley-based startup Espresso Logic has introduced new functionality to merge big data and SQL data into one common REST API for developing the backend for web and mobile apps. 

The REST APIs can provide real-time access from MongoDB and SQL databases without the need to copy data across sources, with security and business logic included.

There is a need for a universal API to access multiple data sources, said R. Paul Singh, CEO of Espresso Logic, explaining that Espresso’s new release allows developers in a single call, to “join” data from relational data sources and MongoDB.

“This is our attempt to allow companies to join this data together in a common API. People can do that manually but it takes a very long time. This is basically point and click in most cases, and in some cases writing just a few lines of JavaScript code is all it takes,” said Singh.

While the new functionality is applicable to all NoSQL databases, so far it has only been tested with MongoDB, said Singh, who noted that additional NoSQL databases will be added in the future.

“A lot of times what people do is create a pass-through API, and creating a pass-through API is easy - but applying the business logic and the authentication, and access control across both of these environments is the harder part that we have solved,” said Singh.

The new release enables developers to enforce unified authentication including LDAP, Windows Azure AD, Stormpath; apply role-based endpoint access control; and apply business rules using Espresso’s reactive programming or server-side JavaScript to SQL data based upon data inputs from MongoDB.

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