Exadel Creates Kubernetes Deployment Solution

Exadel, a provider of digital software engineering solutions, is launching a Kubernetes deployment solution, CrossKube.

The packaged solution gives organizations the ability to deploy everything that is needed for a highly scalable, cloud-based application, including application best-practice templates for Kubernetes, microservices, containerization, application discovery, database connectivity, front-end application structure, and automated testing.

CrossKube is a complete enterprise application platform based on Kubernetes and created with Ansible and Terraform.  Because it was built with Terraform, CrossKube can be deployed to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud with ease.

With CrossKube, Exadel combines its innovation mindset and deep experience with Kubernetes deployments to offer a customizable, scalable solution. CrossKube provides clients with:

  • Packaged modern infrastructure including:
    • Kubernetes
    • Firewall
    • Microservices architecture
    • Automated QA capabilities
    • Data connectivity
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC): pre-baked, but configurable and customizable. Exadel uses Packer, Terraform, Kubernetes, and Kubespray to define the infrastructure and container orchestration where an application will live
  • Ability to deploy a system in weeks not months
  • Cloud-agnostic: while Exadel’s richest cloud development experience is in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, they are able to deploy Kubernetes to any cloud provider allowing for greater flexibility.

CrossKube is a culmination of years of experience and experimentation with Kubernetes deployments in the cloud,” said Jonathan Fries, VP Engineering and Digital Transformation at Exadel. “Kubernetes has been picking up steam and more clients want support for this technology as a result. Staying ahead of the curve is of the utmost importance to digital enterprises, but adopting new technologies can be particularly challenging for those working with monolithic or hybrid architectures. We are proud to offer CrossKube as a solution to deploy Kubernetes infrastructure in any cloud in a matter of days or weeks.” 

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