Exalogic Elastic Cloud X4-2 Supports Greater Data Center Consolidation and Efficiency

Oracle has announced Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud X4-2, which combines enhanced hardware and software to provide improved processing, large memory capacity, and enable a range of application deployment architectures to be used on a single, optimized engineered system.

According to Oracle, the Exalogic Elastic Cloud X4-2 reduces the cost and complexity of deploying and consolidating enterprise applications through greater computing density and wider range of deployment options compared to the previous release.

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud X4-2 provides

  • 50% more computing power per server node with Oracle’s Sun Server X4 servers with the 12 core Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2697 v2
  • Greater computing density with up to 720 processor cores, 7.5 TB of memory and 24 TB of Flash memory in a single rack
  • 33% more storage capacity with Oracle ZS3 Series Storage, co-engineered with Oracle engineered systems to provide the high IO throughput required by the extreme performance of Oracle Exalogic X4-2
  • The ability to consolidate diverse deployment architectures on a single rack, including bare metal, template-driven virtualization and infrastructure as a service

In addition, says Oracle, Exalogic Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Applications simplify and accelerate application consolidation by reducing deployment time. The templates are ready-to-deploy from the point of download and are designed to encapsulate best practices for Oracle Applications deployed on Oracle Exalogic. Oracle Exalogic X4-2 is also certified for Oracle In-Memory Applications, which enable real-time, ad hoc analytics of live transactional data.

Access the Oracle Exalogic X4-2 datasheet for more information.