Examining Strategies for Combining BI and Hadoop at Data Summit 2017

Hadoop continues to gain meaningful traction and organizations are now anticipating onboarding their analytics and business intelligence to the platform.

At Data Summit 2017, Josh Klahr, vice president of products at AtScale, will discuss what enterprises users need to know on being successful with business intelligence on big data.

“Hadoop is a great platform for handling large amounts of data but one of the things enterprises are struggling with is how to do traditional business intelligence against this new big data platform,” Klahr said.

Klahr will provide perspective on how AtScale is helping enterprises become successful and bring their business intelligence workloads to the Hadoop data platform.

Companies that haven’t historically struggled with big data are starting to store large amounts of data and this can cause a myriad of issues, Klahr explained.

“Now with big data platforms like Hadoop, it’s possible to store all of this data but the real value for companies comes from being able to get specific insights,” Klahr said.

Companies that have been the most successful include enterprises that think about using data as a strategic asset. For attendees it’s important for them to think about their own interactions with data in this way, Klahr said.

Klahr predicts cloud, streaming data, and security will be the hottest topics of the event.

“The must-have for anybody operating in this space is that they must be able to secure data in the right way,” Klahr said. “The cloud, BI, and big data are creating a pretty exciting time in the industry so I’m looking forward to see that come all together at the Data Summit.”

Klahr’s session, “The Do’s & Don’ts for Success With BI on Big Data,” will be presented at Data Summit on Tuesday, May 16, at 4:15 pm.

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