Expansive SaaS Security Platform by DoControl Now Generally Available on the AWS Marketplace

DoControl, the automated SaaS security company, is announcing the general availability of its unified, no-code, risk-aware SaaS security platform on the AWS Marketplace. The announcement widens DoControl’s market presence, allowing more organizations to protect their business-critical assets with its single security strategy directly via the AWS Marketplace. 

“Our availability in AWS Marketplace allows us to quickly and easily support organizations looking for trusted solutions to enhance their SaaS application data security,” said Adam Gavish, CEO and co-founder of DoControl. “This expands DoControl’s accessibility and availability in the cloud security market, which continues to grow rapidly as enterprises increase their use of SaaS applications across all business functions.”

DoControl’s platform solves a consistent challenge with individual SaaS applications; often, these applications' native security capabilities fail to provide consistent and capable data access controls. This can result in critical data breaches, which inherently damage brand representation and can incur regulatory fines and revenue loss.

With DoControl’s solution, organizations can secure shared data and files accessed by any identity and entity across internal employees, third party collaborators, and third party OAuth applications with its preventative data access security controls.  

The SaaS security platform centralizes the enforcement of least privilege throughout an enterprise’s entire expanse of SaaS applications, propagating SaaS asset management, continuous monitoring, and automated security workflows throughout an application estate. DoControl aims to reduce the labor of security and IT teams while enhancing the ability to control multi-application security. 

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