Experian Data Quality Launches Free Trial of Contact Data Validation Software

Experian Data Quality, a provider of data quality software and services, is offering a new free-trial feature that enables users to test Experian Data Quality contact data validation software within their own website environment. The company says the new out-of-the-box integration can be accomplished by any user to test the impact of online address, email and phone validation.

“A large number of companies are collecting customer information through online and digital channels, but the information often is exposed to human error,” said Thomas Schutz, senior vice president and general manager for Experian Data Quality. “Errors in contact data can have large ramifications not only on website operations, but also on consumer intelligence and marketing. The new free trial allows companies to integrate validation tools quickly to test the effectiveness and impact on their organization.”

Experian says that less than half of companies have interactive contact data validation on their e-commerce site. The free trial allows companies to see how interactive software can help prevent inaccurate information by validating contact details while the consumer is still engaged.