Experts Talk Daily Tasks of Database Administrators

Database administrators juggle multiple responsibilities all day and that load is only getting heavier.

DBTA recently held a webinar with Chris Paap, solutions marketing manager, Nutanix, and David Teague, technical marketing engineer, Nutanix, who discussed a day in the life of a Database administrator and the daily challenges they conquer with the Nutanix Database Solution.

In this webinar, Paap and Teague walk through tackling zero-day database vulnerabilities without throwing a wrench in the entire day or week and how to increase database backup frequency without affecting performance and using less storage than traditional methods.

Database administrators deal with a variety of challenges day to day including ensuring database security and availability; daily business demands across production, development, and testing; building database instances/provisioning; and performance/troubleshooting complexity.

The complicated DB provisioning process can take hours, day, or weeks, Paap and Teague explained. It also involves multiple teams and introduces friction through a complex process.

Concerns around vendor lock-in, staffing challenges, and evolving pricing models are forcing companies to evaluate alternatives.

With Nutanix DBAs can deliver value for all databases, according to Paap and Teague. The platform offers enhanced time to value and business agility; maximize uptime and security; and operational and reduced costs.

Nutanix can deliver DB and application high availability along with one-click database operations. It can also reduce costs with improved efficiency and productivity, Paap and Teague said.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.