Experts Talk Specialized Solutions for MySQL

MySQL can be the perfect answer for fast-growing, highly-performant and geographically-distributed database environments, but in order to function as a business-critical system with immediate response times, the ubiquitous database server needs a little help.

That’s where Continuent and Datavail come in. Combined, these two companies, which specialize in making MySQL and other databases perform continuously, have helped hundreds of enterprise, mid-market and start-up companies alike, including many in the data-dependent SaaS, e-commerce, financial services and gaming industries.

DBTA recently held a webinar with Srinivasa Krishna, practice leader - MySQL practice, Datavail, and Eero Teerikorpi, founder and CEO, Continuent, who discussed the limitations and hidden costs of DIY solutions for business-critical MySQL.

MySQL continues to be leader in database market, Krishna explained. Stack Overflow ranks MySQL as most popular database among developers with 44.3% approval rating, followed by Microsoft SQL Server in second with 30.8% rating.

A DIY solution requires a significant in-house investment of time, money and human resources to build a full, tested solution, and even then would not be as mature, stable or well-documented as a Complete Solution offering.

DIY requires that DBAs do a lot of manual work. Properly automating local failover is an enormous task, especially when trying to avoid splitbrain situations and various edge cases.

A complete solution, such as Tungsten Clustering, consists of three core components (Manager, Connector and Replicator) that handle all of the messaging and control in a seamlessly-orchestrated fashion.

Tungsten Clustering has more than 100 person-years of development maturity. Tungsten Clustering is a complete, proven and supported solution with significant resources including extensive documentation, release notes, white papers, instructional training videos and webinars.

Continuent, the MySQL Availability Company, has provided solutions for continuous operations enabling business-critical MySQL applications to run on a global scale with zero downtime since 2004, Teerikorpi said.

Continuent provides geo-distributed MySQL high availability onpremises, in hybrid-cloud, and in multi-cloud environments.

Continuent customers are leading SaaS, e-commerce, financial services, gaming and telco companies who rely on MySQL and Continuent to cost-effectively safeguard billions of dollars in annual revenue.  

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.