Explore Tools to Facilitate and Contain Real-Time Analytics

Today, the average enterprise is being flooded with data streams as they come in from a variety of endpoints from smart devices and sensor networks, to web logs and financial transactions.

This onslaught of fast data is growing in size, complexity and speed, fueled by increasing business demands along with the rise of the Internet of Things.

Many new technologies are coming to the forefront to facilitate real-time analytics, including in-memory databases and data grids, self-service BI tools and all-flash storage arrays.

DBTA recently held a webinar featuring Brian Bulkowski, co-founder and CTO, Aerospike, and Dan Potter, VP product management and marketing, Attunity, to educate its readers about the key ingredients for success in building a fast data system.

Traditional architecture has significant limitations, Bulkowski explained. Users face challenges such as increasing complexity, maintainability, durability, consistence, scalability, cost, and data lag.

A hybrid memory database is one option to consider as an upgrade, according to Bulkowski. A hybrid memory database can handle huge volumes of data, has lower latency, is reliable, easy to scale and manage, and more.

Aerospike 4.0 offers strong consistency with hybrid memory, according to Bulkowski. Features include:

  • Fast system of record
  • Enterprise system of engagement
  • Engaging customer experiences
  • In-flight analytics – risk & fraud
  • Transformative digital services

While Bulkowski stresses hybrid memory, Potter took another approach and focused on modern data integration.

Attunity provides:

  • Data from 1000’s of sources with minimal development resources and impact
  • Real-time streams from database transactions
  • The ability to transfer large data volumes from multiple data centers over limited network bandwidth
  • Enables non-developers to rapidly deploy solutions
  • Can easily adopt and adapt new platforms and methods

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.