Exploring Information Governance and Big Data Analytics at Data Summit 2017

Big data presents powerful new opportunities for putting data to work, but also thorny questions that affect enterprise data architectures and overall data management.

At Data Summit 2017, these issues will be explored in a keynote address to be jointly presented by ZL Technologies’ Linda G. Sharp and Drinker Biddle & Reath’s Bennett B. Borden.

Sharp is associate general counsel at ZL and vice chair of the Information Governance Committee for the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC). Borden is chief data scientist and chair of the Information Governance Group at Drinker Biddle & Reath.

Organizations have an increasing number of concerns today with respect to big data, said Sharp. There is the challenge posed by the sheer volume of information that is being created and saved every day as well as the lack of understanding about the information in data stores and how best to leverage it. Compounding those issues is the fact that once a document is created, it may be saved many more times in multiple locations, potentially skewing analytics.

And, beyond those significant concerns, there are also changes taking place on the legal and regulatory fronts, affecting where data can be stored and for how long, and where it can be safely moved, she noted.

The legal and regulatory requirements keep changing, as well, said Sharp, pointing to the upcoming EU GDPR and myriad data privacy regulations that affect global enterprises. “Organizations can’t meet the regulations if they don’t get their data under control,” she said. Automation can help ameliorate the situation, but, said Sharp, “We can’t rely 100% on automation because software will only do what we tell it to. We have to be able to ensure that we understand what and how we are automating processes.”

As companies keep collect more data, fueled increasingly by the Internet of Things, and purchase more servers, and move more data into the cloud, they need to think about how much of this data they really need, she noted.

Sharp and Borden will explore the complicated  legal, regulatory, and ethical issues of big data  in their keynote address, “Information Governance Meets Big Data Analytics,”  at Data Summit on Wednesday, May 17, at 8:45 am.

Data Summit takes place at the New York Hilton Midtown May 16-17, with preconference workshops on Monday, May 15. To register, go here