ExtraHop 7.0 Offers Live Activity Maps to Maximize Security and Performance

ExtraHop, a provider of real-time analytics and machine learning software for IT operations, has announced the general availability of ExtraHop 7.0. With this release, ExtraHop introduces live activity maps for complete 3D interaction with the hybrid IT environment; enhanced threat anomalies and machine learning-initiated workflows for performance and security; and perfect forward secrecy (PFS) decryption at scale to support next-generation security architectures.

According to the vendor, ExtraHop 7.0 enables organizations to accelerate remediation of performance and security issues by visually identifying and investigating anomalous behavior; answer audit and compliance questions via visual representations of device communications and dependencies; monitor PFS-encrypted traffic at scale so that organizations don’t have to choose between security and visibility; and share relevant data and insights across multiple teams.

With live activity maps, ExtraHop delivers visualization of the entire IT environment, from on-premises to the cloud. Moving beyond static block diagrams or simple network topology maps, live activity maps enables IT operations and security teams to accelerate investigations by exploring a visual map of all device and application communications, including real-time and historical views. Users can zero in on incidents and anomalies by filtering or excluding devices, and drill down into the transaction records with one click. Live activity maps also support business-critical initiatives like cloud migration, datacenter consolidation, and regulatory compliance.

In addition, ExtraHop now extends SSL decryption capabilities to support PFS, the emerging standard for privacy and security encryption, while ExtraHop Addy now automatically detects and alerts on more types of suspicious behavior, including network scans, data exfiltration, and unusual file server access.

ExtraHop Addy’s machine learning detects and alerts on performance and security anomalies automatically, leveraging ExtraHop Open Data Stream technology to enable rapid incident response and remediation. With anomaly-initiated workflows, users can automate the response to alerts for specific events in ServiceNow, Cisco Tetration, and other third-party systems.

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